News open

Animation 1

  • Open for daily news show leading with story about a search for lost children.
    Click here
  • Accident simulation

    Animation 2

  • Animated simulation of light rail accident based on police reports.Click here
  • Medical graphic

    Animation 3

  • Animated medical graphic showing foot injury of plantar fascia. Click here
  • Informational graphic

    Animation 4

  • Animation explaining hydraulic hybrid.
    Click here
  • News segment intro

    Animation 5

  • Animation created as intro for a year-end 'top stories' news segment. Click here
  • Sports segment intro

    Animation 6

  • Recreated sports intro for new season segment. Click here
  • Feature intro

    Animation 7

  • Animation created as intro and background monitor for a 'Holiday Shopping Guide' news segment.
    Click here
  • Election recount

    Animation 8

  • Created as potential intro for news commentary on a contested election recount. Click here
  • Animated feature

    Animation 9

  • Award-winning, self-produced children's variety show broadcast over regional community-access media outlets. Click here
  • Animated short story

    Animation 10

  • Animated short created and produced as part of a children's variety show. Click here
  • Rap video

    Animation 11

  • Video created to accompany self-written rap segment on self-produced children's community cable access variety show. Click here
  • Music video

    Animation 12

  • Animated music video created for segment on children's community cable access variety show. Click here